About Bloor Salt Larestan

Bloor Salt Namak Larestan Co., possessing one of the largest open mines of salt in the nation, is the producer of various types of industrial salts, Screened salt, drilling salts, de-icing salts, and packaged salt, in the southern part of the country, located at a distance of 200 km from the city of Bandar Abbas.

The close distance to Bandar Abbas (port), Iranian Petrochemicals companies and petrochemicals companies of Persian Gulf states has created a very suitable condition for this company in terms of exports to the Iranian consumers, the countries in the Persian Gulf, Europe and other consumers.

having in possession excavation and crushing equipment, has the capability to produce and supply various type of salt products in different sizes with the desired degrees of purity(up to 98.5%), and a high level of daily production capacity ,shipping and transportation; this being one of the unique advantages of this production unit.