There are, generally, two types of salt in Iran:

  1. Mountain salt mine
  2. Lake salt or salt derived from sea water

The salt mine belonging to this company is of the mountain salts type and is mined using the open surface method.

  1. Open surface mines
  2. Open surface mining method

The open surface method is one of the methods of exploiting open surface mines which is preferably used in metal mines, mainly copper and iron. In this method mining is performed in steps and continued to the depths of the mine which may be economically justified. In this method the removal of waste material is performed until access to the mineral matter has been gained. The waste material on top of the mineral mattermust be transferred and stored, mainly, outside the mining area.

Underground mines

The room and pillarmethods:

The room and pillarmethod is one of the prevalent methods of operation where the breast is kept naturally. This method is applicable in mineral depositswith a small slope. Room and pillar mining is a method involving two or three stages. In the primary stage the mineral is exploited from the rooms and the kansar (mineral deposit formation) is opened. The second stage in mining includes the explosion in the ceiling of the workshops and the removal of the kansang (sangemaadan, ore) from the room. The third stage includes the removal of the remaining pillars. This operation may be performed using various methods such as cutting. As far as water pollution is concerned, we must indicate the fact that we have water pollution when we encounter underground sea-beds, and since this methodis used at a very little depth, the water is in a medium to good shape as far as pollution is concerned. Air pollution, in this method, is solely created during the drilling, explosion, exploitation of minerals, and the demolition of the ceiling. This method creates noise pollution for the miners, but not at a high level.